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LaVar Ball doubles down on claim that Lonzo is better than Stephen Curry

LaVar Ball is at it again.

The Warriors squared off against the Lakers at Staples Center on Wednesday, which gave Papa Ball another shot to be in the spotlight, and he made the most of it. Ball, earlier in the year, boldly stated that his son, Lonzo, is a better player than Stephen Curry, and apparently, he still believes that.

Ball was asked by NBC Sports Bay Area sideline reporter Kerith Burke if he believes that his son is better than Steph, and he didn’t even let her finish the question. Papa Ball interrupted Burke while she was in the act of asking her question, and then said the following during Wednesday’s interview:

“Stop, you ain’t even gotta ask me that question,” Ball said. “Until I die, I will always think that my son is better than Steph Curry.”

Burke then subtly trolled Ball, and had this to say in response.

“My dad is my biggest fan, too,” she said.

Papa Ball then responded by saying he trained his son and knows what he’s about, which you can see in the video below.

Ball might be the only person on the planet to believe that, but he’s clearly not backing down from his ridiculous claim.