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LeBron James weighs in about Kyrie Irving trade on Twitter

It’s unclear exactly how LeBron James and Kyrie Irving feel about one another, since there’ve been multiple reports and cryptic social media posts that suggest everything under the sun.

From reading the tea leaves, it sure looked like Irving had had enough of James hogging the spotlight, and wanted to inherit his own team that he could run and be the star on.

Once all that came to light, it looked like Irving was unlikely to still remain on the Cavs’ roster once October rolls around. He was then linked to numerous landing spots — Miami, New York, San Antonio and even Minnesota.

Sure enough, he didn’t end up in any of those places, and was traded to the Celtics in a blockbuster move out of nowhere on Tuesday night.

Everyone was wondering how James would react, and here’s what he had to say about Irving’s departure on Twitter.

It’s hard to interpret what #Filayy means, but Irving and the rest of the Cavs players must know. And while it was great to see James take the high road, it’s clear that there was some dissension between the two, so the upcoming matchups between the Cavs and Celtics will be even better than when the two last squared off in the Eastern Conference Finals.