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LeSean McCoy bought Bills players 200 cheesesteaks after Eagles game

Bills running back LeSean McCoy began his career in Philadelphia, so he knows all the best places to eat and drink.

And in Philly, it’s all about the cheesesteaks, first and foremost.

While many rave about Pat’s and Geno’s — McCoy apparently takes the road less traveled when it comes to cheesesteaks.

He ordered 200 cheesesteaks and crab fries from Chickie’s and Pete’s for his teammates, which was to be consumed after Thursday’s game.

Good choice on the cheesesteaks — bad choice on the producer. Chickie’s and Pete’s is a great place to hang out and knock back a few, but it doesn’t even crack my top 3 list for Phily’s finest cheesesteaks.

Still, a great gesture by Shady, hooking his teammates up with some postgame nourishment.