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Le’Veon Bell clarifies tweet about not wanting to play for Jets

It was presumed that Le’Veon Bell was taking a shot at the Jets in a tweet he sent on Thursday, but the Steelers running back insists that’s not the case.

Bell replied to a tweet from a fan, who “courted” the Steelers running back, by saying the Jets would give him $60 million if he were to land with them. The Steelers running back appeared to roast the Jets in his response.

Bell appeared on The Michael Kay Show on Friday, and he was asked about the tweet. The Steelers running back explained what he was trying to say, and insisted that he wasn’t taking a shot at the Jets.

“I’m not dissin’ the Jets, the number just wasn’t enough for me,” Bell said,  I grew up a Jets fan.”

Bell was born and raised in Ohio, so it’s a bit odd that he was a Jets fan growing up, but we’ll take his word for it. Either way, he wants to make sure the world knows he wasn’t ripping the Jets.