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LOOK: Kristaps Porzingis is now ripped, muscles show his workouts have been effective

The main knock on Kristaps Porzingis was that he wasn’t strong enough and could get outmuscled by bigger centers in the league.

Well, it appears that he worked hard to correct that in the offseason, as he’s posted numerous videos to social media of him working out with trainers throughout the summer.

And apparently, it’s been working.

Porzingis posted a few photos of him working out in a sleeveless shirt, and sure enough, he’s got some definition now. Check out the proof.

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I stay working

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I wont be mad if you like all three of my pictures

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For comparison purposes, here’s the difference of “then” vs. “now.”

The unicorn has clearly put on a good 8-10 pounds of lean muscle mass. Maybe now when he shoots his shot at Instagram models, he’ll score.

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