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LOOK: New Cristiano Ronaldo statue puts awful first one to shame

It wasn’t long ago when social media had a field day after a Cristiano Ronaldo bust that looked nothing like him was revealed at the Aeropuerto Cristiano Ronaldo.

The statue featured a crooked smile, and resembled comic book villain “Two-Face” more than it did Ronaldo, which led to plenty of memes being created.

Madeira’s airport may be stuck with the awful piece of art, and sculptor Emanuel Santos may continue to receive criticism for it in the coming years. That’s probably why artist Jose Antonio Navarro Arteaga was offered the job of making a new Ronaldo bust for Real Madrid’s museum, and he did a great job, which you can see in the photo below.

The new statue — which was officially revealed over the weekend — not only resembles Ronaldo, but actually looks exactly like him. Navarro Arteaga nailed it — the facial features, hair and facial expression are all on point.