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LOOK: Oilers owner Daryl Katz buys most expensive house in LA history

Life is good for Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz.

Katz — who has a $2.9 billion net worth — has amassed his wealth from the pharmacy business. He has since spent some of the money on a big purchase, as he recently bought the most expensive house in the history of Los Angeles real estate, according to TMZ Sports.

The Malibu home is a 20,000-square foot, six-acre estate, and Katz reportedly paid $120 million for it, which is a boatload of money, even by LA’s standards.

The house and gardens are absolutely stunning — both of which were designed by Scott Mitchell.

Check out just how large the estate is in the photo below.

Here’s a photo that shows the 168-foot swimming pool.

Katz now owns one of the most lavish estates in the country, and all he needs is the (11-14-2) Oilers to turn their season around.

[For more photos of the amazing home, head over to Mitchell’s website and have a look.]