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LOOK: Philip Rivers’ $200K mobile film room SUV is ridiculous

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and his family tried to make the move to the Los Angeles area, but it just didn’t happen. Rivers and his wife, Tiffany, were tasked with the very difficult decision of considering a move with their eight children — all of whom are starting their lives in school, looking for some stability.

So, instead of moving, they decided to remain in San Diego. They’re very connected to the community and have resided there for over 13 years. Rivers was previously the face of San Diego sports, and it’s hard to leave that behind for a city with so many stars, celebrities and athletes.

Rather than moving, then, Rivers and his wife tried to figure out the best way to get the Chargers quarterback from their San Diego home to the team’s Costa Mesa facility.

The answer was a $200K+ SUV with a mobile film room and a driver to do the leg work. On top of the luxury of not having to drive, the SUV is equipped with a 40-inch TV and refrigerator, as well as having full WiFi and satellite TV.

Yeah, I want one of those.