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Malik Jackson talking difference between Jaguars and Broncos is what you’d expect

Malik Jackson went from the Denver Broncos to Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency.

It’s not hard to figure out how that one worked out.

Jackson’s new team plays his former team in Week 13, so the media has dialed in on the story. For Jackson, he almost sounds like he’d rather not talk about it at all.

Cameron Wolfe of the Denver Post caught up with Jackson and asked him about the differences:

It’s definitely tough, especially coming from Denver, being spoiled with the playoffs every year and a first-round bye. It’s kind of sobering because you realize every team isn’t winning 12 games a year. It brought me back down the Earth.

That’s putting it lightly. If one team is winning 12 games per year, another out there has to lose 12. Jackson wasn’t happy the Broncos gave Derek Wolfe an extension before him, then proceeded to wait until free agency to talk to him about a new deal.

For what it’s worth, Jackson likely got more money in Jacksonville than he would have in Denver. But he is playing for a two-win team while the Broncos at least eye the playoffs again.

The Broncos would have loved to keep Jackson around, of course. But he wasn’t going to get market value with the team needing to pay guys such as Wolfe and Von Miller. Both parties have suffered in different ways as a result, with Jackson taking the brunt of it. Rest assured he’ll look to have a big revenge game this week.