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Man brings young Warriors fan to tears by surprising him with tickets to game (VIDEO)

The holiday season is all about feel-good stories, especially involving young children that are surprised by thoughtful gestures from their family and friends.

That’s what happened recently, when an uncle surprised his nephew with Warriors tickets. The man approached his nephew, who was seated on the couch at the time, and presented him with a Warriors jersey and hat. There was also a card underneath the memorabilia, but the young boy didn’t really care all that much about it, so he knocked it to the ground.

Since he knew the young fan had been overcome with emotion, and wasn’t going to bother picking up the card, the man showed his nephew his phone, informing him that he had purchased tickets to a future game. That brought the young fan to tears.

The young fan will now be able to watch the Warriors in person, while wearing some memorabilia to support his team, and that’s pretty awesome.