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Manny Machado goes off on Red Sox in profanity-laced rant (VIDEO)

Manny Machado is tired of having fastballs being hurled in his direction, and frankly, we can’t blame him for feeling that way.

The Red Sox have been continuing to enact their “revenge” after Machado came in on Dustin Pedroia with a hard slide roughly two weeks ago. They’ve thrown behind him, spoken out about how they felt about it and gotten into it with him on the field as well.

Machado responded by pimping a home run during Monday night’s game with a slow, leisurely trot around the bases, which Red Sox fans booed him for. That didn’t really help ease tensions, and caused another incident on Tuesday night.

Chris Sale came out and threw behind Machado in the first inning of Tuesday’s game — nearly drilling him in the leg — which obviously didn’t sit well with the Orioles slugger and his teammates.

Machado spoke to the media after the game, and had this to say about the Red Sox organization.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out Machado’s epic rant, in which he drops 12 f-bombs in talking about Sale and the Red Sox pitchers throwing behind him. The bottom line is he’s tired of it, and wants the league to step in.

Gotta love the unwritten rules of baseball. Personally, I can’t wait for Wednesday night’s game!