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Maple Leafs fan with mohawk and crazy blue beard has gone viral (PHOTO)

The Maple Leafs have proven they’re no pushover, as they evened their series with the Presidents’ Cup-winning Capitals at one game apiece on Saturday night.

Toronto’s fan base is excited about their young, up-and-coming group of players, after previously enduring plenty of losing seasons in the past.  Leafs fans are known for their dedication and commitment to the team, no matter what their record is. So when one particular fan at Verizon Center went viral for the hair on his head and on his face, no one was really all that surprised.

Check out the first Stanley Cup mohawk of this year’s playoffs.

That guy looks like one of the last people you’d want to pick a fight with. It takes a brave soul to enter the Verizon Center as a visiting fan for a playoff game, but we’re going to assume that no one messed with that guy, and understandably so.