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Mark Cuban not a fan of Raiders’ move to Las Vegas

Mark Cuban knows how to make money, and he says that the money the NFL expects to make in moving the Raiders to Las Vegas won’t be worth it in the long run.

Cuban told ESPN via Pro Football Talk that the promise of a new stadium isn’t worth spurning a loyal fan base for an unpredictable fan base.

“Why? There’s just no good reason. It’s no disrespect to Las Vegas, it’s a great city and it’s vibrant. But they’re going to a smaller market, it’s transient, and it’s just another example of chasing every last dollar, and that tends to backfire,” Cuban said.

People also have more entertainment options in Las Vegas than Oakland. That could eat into the Raiders’ attendance.

This isn’t the first time Cuban has criticized the NFL. In 2014, he allegorically said the NFL was like a bunch of hogs about to be slaughtered because of the over-saturation of the product and the league’s greed.

Cuban said at the time that the NFL was “10 years away from an implosion.”

That predicted implosion is now seven years away. By then we’ll at least have an idea how the Raiders’ move to Vegas works out.