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Mark Cuban reveals Mavericks’ plan for tanking this season

Mark Cuban is one of the few owners in sports that has been candid about his team’s strategy for tanking.

Cuban had no problem admitting that his team tanked last season, and with the (2-10) team currently sporting the worst record in the NBA, that could happen again this year, possibly sooner than later.

It’s not too early to begin talking about the subject, and Cuban was recently asked about his team’s plan for tanking this season. The team has only played 12 games so far, but he didn’t rule it out. Cuban indicated that the team won’t begin tanking until they’re out of playoff contention.

“But not until we were eliminated,” Cuban said, via Brad Townsend of The Dallas Morning News. “And until we’re eliminated, we ain’t tanking here, either.

“I still think we can turn this around,” he said. “We’ve been in 1-9 stretches during various parts of various seasons in the past, so it’s not like we haven’t been here before. It’s just that you never want to start the season like that.”

If that’s the case, we could see the Mavericks begin tanking sooner than later. They’re a young team, and have been competitive in games, but they lack a veteran presence, and that’s a big reason why they haven’t been able to close out in the fourth quarter.