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Martellus Bennett has funny quote about switching from Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers

Martellus Bennett is a lucky man.

After winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots last season and catching passes from arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, Bennet signed a three-year deal with the Green Bay Packers this offseason to catch passes from another highly decorated quarterback—Aaron Rodgers.

Bennett spoke of his excitement to play with Rodgers next season and had a hilarious quote about switching from one elite passer to another.

“That’s like leaving J. Lo and going to Halle Berry,” Bennett said via the Houston Chronicle. “We talk often. I’m excited about playing with him. We’ve known each other for a while. I’m excited about working with him and learning his quarterback language and showing him what type of player I am. I think I’m a lot better player than they think I am.”

Come to think of it, Bennett has been fortunate to play with some good quarterbacks in his career. His first four seasons in the NFL, he played with Tony Romo in Dallas, then with Eli Manning in New York. Prior to the Patriots, he played with Jay Cutler, who wasn’t all that bad when Bennett was in Chicago.