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Matt Olson hit a ball nearly 500 feet for home run, continues to rake

In case you haven’t taken note of what Athletics first baseman Matt Olson has been able to do over the past few weeks, you probably should, because he is on an absolute tear.

He was called up by the team on Aug. 8, and has hit 19 (!) home runs since that time. He and Rhys Hoskins have taken the league by storm, and since they’re young, they continue to get pitches to hit. At some point, you have to wonder when the scouting reports will begin to dictate that maybe pitching around them is a better option, because these guys are crushing home runs nearly every other game.

Olson came up to bat in the first inning of Friday night’s game against the Phillies — opposite Hoskins — and sure enough, he crushed a 90 mph fastball into the second deck of Citizens Bank Park.

The ball traveled 483 feet.

This stat puts Olson’s recent power surge in perspective.

We’re not sure if that ball has landed yet.