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Miami Dolphins to offer $40 tickets at Hard Rock Stadium games this season

NFL teams have been seeing a decline in ticket sales, and many are citing that the millennial demographic is the major reason why.

Whether it’s because of high-definition television, food/beverage prices, lack of interest or ticket prices, it’s clear that millenials aren’t attending games like baby boomers did.

The Miami Dolphins are looking to change that.

Starting this season, the team will offer $40 tickets to sit in certain sections, which is actually affordable (via the Miami Herald).

“I think people, particularly millenials today, they’re multitasking and doing five different things at once. They can stand up here and be social with each other and turn around and see the game and talk with each other,” said Tom Garfinkel, president and CEO of the Dolphins as he stood from one of the standing-room only overlooks.

Fans will be able to roam the upper deck of the stadium or simply hang out by one of eight new sections, talking to their friends, with easy access to a beer refill, all while leaning on the bannister for a sky view of the game. Each section will hold no more than 100 people each, and they are also being marketed to large groups.

They can say what they want, as far as the fan experience goes, but the fact remains that the Dolphins have been near the bottom of the league in attendance. Last season, they ranked 21st, averaging just over 65,500 fans per game.

Hopefully this strategy works for them — it isn’t easy selling tickets in South Beach.