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Michael Beasley’s shot remained on the rim for what seemed like forever

Given his history, it wasn’t a huge surprise that Knicks guard Michael Beasley was involved in an odd type of play that doesn’t usually happen to other NBA players. Although this time, it had almost nothing to do with anything he did.

Instead, it was the rim that played the role of master troll in Tuesday night’s game, when Beasley pulled up to attempt a contested jumper. The ball rolled around the rim for what seemed like forever — for roughly five rotations — before eventually falling into the basket.

The ball sure looked like it was going to roll out on the third rotation, but ended up coming back in and rolling around before eventually falling through the basket, giving Beasley the shooter’s roll.

It wasn’t as entertaining as when a completely unaware Beasley grabbed what he believed was a loose ball after Manu Ginobili made a shot in the third quarter of the game, and mistakenly ran up court with it as if he had hauled in a rebound, but was still fun to watch nonetheless.