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Michael Bennett zings 49ers for ridiculously low ticket prices

It’s no secret that the 49ers have had issues selling tickets to their games at Levi’s Stadium. As such, the team has been doing whatever it can to try to fill the stands, which includes offering lower ticket prices.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett appears to be aware of that fact, as he elected to check what the cheapest tickets for Sunday’s game at Levi’s Stadium were going for. The number was so low that Bennett couldn’t refrain from roasting the 49ers when speaking to reporters after the game.

“I looked online, you could’ve gotten a ticket for $17,” he said, via a video produced by Gregg Bell of The News Tribune. “You can’t even get a ticket for $17 to my house.”

Bennett then revealed how much a ticket to his house — which also entailed spending 10 minutes with the Seahawks defensive end — would cost.

“Tickets to my house would be $300 a pop,” he said.

The 49ers haven’t been competitive this year, but watching them play at Levi’s Stadium figures to provide more bang for your buck, rather than paying $300 to hang out with Bennett.