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Mike Piazza goes off in rant about soccer team he owns getting gouged

It’s been just over a decade since Mets legend Mike Piazza retired, and roughly two years since he was voted into the Hall of Fame. Since that time, Piazza has focused his energy overseas, as he’s the owner of Italian soccer club AC Reggiana (Serie C).

The problem is that the stadium the team plays its home games at is owned by Sassuolo (Serie A), and Piazza apparently is not happy about the city’s rent.

He spoke to reporters at a recent press conference, and did not hold back about how he felt regarding the high prices the team has been forced to pay for using the stadium.

“We deserve respect,” Piazza said. “We are not going to be pushed around by a multi-billion dollar corporation. The stadium was built for this team by these people.”

He continued:

“I am tired and sick of Reggiana being pushed around. I am frustrated and I am freaking pissed off,” Piazza said.

Reggiana is 3-0-1 in its last four games, and it appears that Piazza wants his club to get the respect it deserves.