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Mike Shanahan throws Robert Griffin under bus with funny Aaron Rodgers comment

We still continue to see fallout from the Mike Shanahan-Robert Griffin III fiasco, which was one of the biggest sports marriage fails in NFL history.

With RG3 continuing to play the victim role, Shanahan appeared on FS1’s “Undisputed” on Friday to share another tidbit that he hadn’t recently revealed, and it was pretty funny.

“I was really disappointed,” Shanahan said. “He really believed he was Aaron Rodgers.”

Obviously, Shanahan was trolling RG3 a bit, knowing that he was nowhere near the quarterback Rodgers was, but in his head, he probably believed he was. RG3 was known for being a bit disillusioned and was his biggest fan. He always remained confident in his abilities and never blamed himself when the chips were down.

As far as their play on the field — sure, RG3 had a strong arm and displayed an ability to keep the play alive with his ability, like Rodgers. But accuracy and leadership issues are why he’ll never play in the NFL again.

Rodgers he is not.