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Mike Vick talks Jets’ QB situation

Mike Vick isn’t coming back to save the New York Jets.

Rather, Vick is as confused as anyone about the quarterback situation in New York after the team chose to ignore the position in the draft. This leaves the Jets with Christian Hackenberg, Bryce Petty and others.

For Vick, the situation seems like a mess, though he’d advise the front office to continue the youth movement:

“Man, good luck,” he said, according to NJ.com. I don’t even know who the quarterback is going to be. Good luck. I know there are three of them.”

“I would throw Hackenberg out there. I would groom Petty. Listen, you’ve got two quarterbacks [Hackenberg and Bryce Petty] who, in their collegiate careers, were very successful. “Now, you’ve got to bring somebody in who can cater to them and can make that work. It’s not that hard. This is not rocket science. I think sometimes, we make football rocket science. They’ve just got to get the right guy. I think coach [Todd] Bowles, he’s smart enough.”

Though sarcastic in nature to start, these are wise words from Vick. The Jets might have the worst overall roster in the league outside of San Francisco, which means it’s time to stop trying win-now moves such as Brandon Marshall and seriously build for the future.

Fans might not agree, but Vick has the right idea—next season will probably be a mess for the Jets, but if a young quarterback can take valuable snaps during the disaster, it could help the franchise out in a big way down the road.