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Mike Williams makes sense for the Browns as Terrelle Pryor replacement

Clemson wideout Mike Williams might hear his name called by the Cleveland Browns in this year’s draft.

It makes plenty of sense the Browns would have an interest in a 6’4″, 218-pound receiver who inhales mostly anything thrown his way, especially when getting vertical. The team holds the 12th pick and lost Terrelle Pryor, so if the front office means to break in a rookie quarterback, Williams would go well growing alongside a fellow rookie.

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo noted the Browns are going through the paces with Williams:

On paper, the Browns technically already replaced Pryor with free agent Kenny Britt. The team also has to wait and see what it gets from Corey Coleman. But neither should stop the Browns from drafting Williams if they like him, as the former only had one breakout year in St. Louis and the latter has yet to show anything significant.

Playing in the same division as A.J. Green probably helps make the pursuit easier. The Browns have had a front row seat while seeing what a big talent like Green can do for a quarterback like Andy Dalton, so it wouldn’t come as much of a shock to see a quarterback at No. 1 and a potential top wideout like Williams at No. 12.