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MMA fighter knocks himself out in first round of bout

Self-inflicted knockouts don’t happen often, but that’s exactly what took place during one fight at CES MMA 48 in Lincoln, Rhode Island, on Friday.

It happened during the fight between Tim Caron and Timothy Woods, in the first round of the bout. Caron pinned Woods against the cage, and appeared to have the upper hand for a brief moment. Woods, however, attempted to flip the script, and tried to throw Caron to the mat. He succeeded, and the two ended up hitting the mat.

Unfortunately for Woods, he landed headfirst, and smacked his forehead on the mat — knocking him unconscious.

Woods remained in the supine position on the mat for awhile.

Woods was eventually taken away on a stretcher, but was responsive, and was also able to move his arms, according to Sherdog.com.

As for Caron, he emerged victorious with a knockout win just 83 seconds into the fight. We hope Woods, who essentially knocked himself out, is OK.