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Mookie Betts goes to bat for Adam Jones after racial epithets from Red Sox fans

It doesn’t matter what team you root for, or where you’re from. Most of us — players, fans and coaches — agree it’s important to stand up to racism.

But there are always some bad seeds out there, unfortunately.

CC Sabathia recently said Fenway Park is the only stadium in which he had been called the “n-word,” and Adam Jones was recently subjected to treatment that was even worse than that. Jones claimed that he had peanuts thrown at him and was subjected to racial epithets from Red Sox fans during Monday’s game, which is terrible.

And just because it was Sox fans that were behind it all, even against a division rival, don’t assume that Boston’s players backed them. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Mookie Betts recently came out and stood behind Jones, and you’ll want to read what he had to say. NESN covered the full story, and you can find the quotes over there.

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