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NBA referee roasted after most laughable foul call of the season

The officiating in Tuesday’s Thunder-Warriors game was awful, and that’s putting it mildly.

There were fouls called for minor contact, where the officials probably should’ve just swallowed their whistles, and there were other obvious fouls near the basket that were no-calls, like when Russell Westbrook got hit in the face on a layup attempt near the end of the second quarter.

But the referees did make it up to Westbrook later in the game, as they sent him to the line when he wasn’t even touched. It was arguably the most laughable call we’ve seen all season. The play in question happened in the second half, when Westbrook used a screen set by teammate Steven Adams to drive to the hoop. Westbrook, however, ended up tripping over his own feet near the basket. The official, who was watching with an unobstructed view from just a few feet away, whistled Kevin Durant for a foul, somehow, even though the Warriors forward didn’t even touch Westbrook.

Twitter, as you might imagine, had some words for the official after the abysmal foul call.

It’s possible that call was a makeup one for the obvious foul the officials missed in the second quarter. Or, the official just really blew the call, even though he had an excellent view of the play. It’s hard to imagine he could have actually viewed that to be a foul, but still possible.