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New Texas coach Tom Herman took a sledgehammer to demolish locker room (VIDEO)

Out with the old and in with the new—that’s the motto new Texas Longhorns football coach Tom Herman is standing behind.

The team has struggled for the better part of the last decade, with just one division title and Bowl Championship Series win in the past 11 years. For some universities, that would be more than enough, but the Longhorns faithful— given their history—expect better.

Herman—who had a lot of success coaching at University of Houston—ushered in the new era of Longhorns Football by getting rid of the mess he was brought in to clean up. He did that by taking a sledgehammer to the lockers and destroying them, with the Longhorns seniors helping as well.

He swung so hard on the first attempt that he fell backwards, showing how much passion he has for his new crop of players. That level of energy he displayed is something that a lot of young guys would stand behind.

Herman said that the demoing was to ensure the players get access to the “best facilities in America.” There’s no better way to provide that than by building from the ground up, and that’s what they’re doing, from the locker room to the roster.