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NFL GM reveals which QB is the smartest in 2018 NFL Draft

This particular quarterback class features a number of bright individuals, who are well-spoken, academically gifted and have a high football IQ.

UCLA product Josh Rosen’s body of work speaks for itself, and USC’s Sam Darnold is no simpleton, either. This is part of why both are surefire first-round draft picks.

But neither of them are the smartest quarterbacks in the draft — at least according to one NFL GM.

No, that honor belongs to Baker Mayfield, who one general manager believes has the highest football IQ of all quarterbacks in the 2018 class.

It’s interesting that the GM was high on Mason Rudolph. That particular characteristic could help elevate his stock a bit, although he’ll still be a day 2 guy. Jackson being near the bottom of the list is no surprise, either.

As for Mayfield, his stock continues to soar, and he could be the No. 1 pick in the draft.