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Nick Saban goes off on offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on sideline

No lead is large enough to make Alabama head coach Nick Saban feel comfortable during a game.

Saban was seen chewing out offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on the sideline in the fourth quarter of the Sugar Bowl, even with his team boasting a 24-6 lead at the time.

It happened when Alabama started a drive early in the fourth quarter from its own 41-yard line, with Saban apparently wanting the team to ice the game with a score. Unfortunately, the Crimson Tide were unable to finish the drive, and produced only 22 yards of offense during it. Saban clearly wasn’t happy about it, and he was seen going off on offensive coordinator Brian Daboll after a Jalen Hurts pass on third down sailed incomplete, which led to an Alabama punt.

As you can see in the video clip below, Saban really gave Daboll an earful on the sideline.

It was a tough position for Daboll to be in, as he was basically forced to take the criticism. It’s extremely rare that anyone on Saban’s coaching staff ever talks back to him, especially during a game, so Daboll just had to essentially take his licks like a human punching bag and then move on from it.