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Odell Beckham Jr. wants to return more punts

Odell Beckham Jr. got a taste of his collegiate days in Week 12 while returning punts. It was an electric performance, too, with a touchdown called back thanks to a flag.

Now Beckham has started to make his case for more returns.

Tom Canavan of the Associated Press captured his thoughts on the matter:

Hopefully we get another chance to run some back.

It’s something I’ve been doing pretty much all my life. I’ve done punt return and kick return. It’s just what it is. It’s just another opportunity. They punt it and that ball is going straight to you. Your teammates are out there making the blocks. You just have to make cuts off of them.

Fans will probably fall into two camps on this one. The first—let him have at it. Beckham would easily be one of the league’s best punt returns after a dominant showing doing so with the LSU Tigers in college. Last Sunday’s touchdown that got called back shows he can do it at the pro level well.

The other camp, though, will shake their heads and suggest it is silly to risk a player of Beckham’s caliber on special teams.

It’s hard to say which way the Giants lean on this one. While it would be nice to have such explosive plays on special teams and at least consistently winning the field-position battle, the offense screeches to a halt if Beckham goes down with an injury while playing for a different unit.

No matter which way it pans out, it’s not hard to see which option Beckham prefers.