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Panthers fan punches, beats up on older Eagles fan during game (VIDEO)

A disturbing video has surfaced, and it shows what a Panthers fan did to a fan of the visiting team during Thursday night’s game.

Apparently, the Panthers fan and his lady friend were standing during the entire game, lobbing insults at the older Eagles fan sitting behind them. Eventually, for some reason, they snapped, and the Panthers fan punched the Eagles fan multiple times.

The poor Eagles fan was left bloodied, while the Panthers fan and his girl just walked away.

The Panthers fan has been identified by police, and will likely face charges. This is good, because he is the worst, and shouldn’t be allowed to attend any NFL games in the future.

As for the Eagles, they’ll be doing some scoreboard watching on Sunday, hoping that the Redskins lose to the 49ers (check out the official preview here). The Panthers will be doing the same, in hopes that the Falcons drop one at home to the Dolphins (official preview here).

Update: The fan has been arrested and charged with simple assault.