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Pat Neshek had a hilarious reaction after striking out JD Martinez

Pat Neshek has an unorthodox pitching style, and on Wednesday night we learned he has an equally-weird method of celebration, too.

Neshek pitched in the sixth inning of the National League Wild Card Game, and found himself in a big moment with a man on second, and arguably the hottest hitter in the NL (J.D. Martinez) at the plate. There were two outs at the time, and the Diamondbacks had a 6-4 lead, but were losing some momentum.

The Rockies pitcher struck out Martinez on a 91-mph sinker with a lot of movement, and he was really excited about it. He celebrated on the mound immediately afterward by putting both his arms in the air, and then bringing them down to his side. In doing so, he resembled some sort of bird flapping its wings.

I can’t say I’ve seen that one before.