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Patriots call out former NFL PR chief for plane crash tweet

The plane crash that killed most of Brazil’s Chapecoense soccer team on Monday was a tragedy that rocked the sports world.

Sometimes when death strikes, one person might say something that someone else perceives to be in poor taste.

Former NFL chief Joe Browne, who stepped down after 50 years in that position in March, basically tweeted what the NFL would do if such a thing happened to one if its teams.

And the Patriots didn’t think it was appropriate.


Browne deleted that tweet and said it was “ill-timed and poorly worded,” according to Pro Football Talk.

Tom Curran of CSN New England, via PFT, said that Browne was perceived to be a “longtime loather” of the Patriots. If that’s the case, then the Patriots might have seen Browne’s unfortunate tweet as a perfect opportunity to grind an ax with him and the NFL in general with Deflategate still fresh in their minds.

It was too early for Browne to outline what the NFL would do if one team were wiped out by a plane crash. It almost suggests a show-must-go-on mentality.

All Browne had to do was preface that tweet with an acknowledgement of the tragedy. But then he might have run out of characters. So the first tweet could have been thoughts and prayers. Then, if asked, he could later explain the NFL’s procedure in these circumstances.

If Browne could do the whole thing over again, it sounds like he would have done it differently.