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Patriots roasted for attempting one of worst onside kicks of all time

The Patriots coaching staff is known for thinking outside the box as far as in-game decisions go. More often than not, it works out in the Patriots’ favor, and Bill Belichick and Co. are labeled as geniuses, but sometimes the unorthodox decisions backfire, which was the case late in Monday night’s game against the Dolphins.

New England kicked a field goal with just under one minute remaining in the game, cutting Miami’s lead to 27-20. Given the situation, the Patriots were forced to try an onside kick, which surprised no one. However, the method they used to attempt the kick shocked many, and it failed miserably.

The Patriots elected to have Stephen Gostkowski just roll his foot over the top of the ball, which resulted in it slowly traveling toward the Dolphins players. Defensive back Michael Thomas fell on top of it, and did not fumble the football when he was hit by the Patriots players. Clearly, the Patriots were attempting to keep the ball away from the Dolphins’ receivers, and were trying to have someone that was more likely to make a mistake field the ball. However, Thomas had no issues in doing his job, and the Patriots were left with egg on their face.

Here’s what the play in question looked like.

The Patriots were roasted on Twitter over the curious decision, and here are some of the best reactions that followed the onside kick.

Belichick was asked about the onside kick attempt after the game, and all he had to say to reporters was “they recovered it.”

The Patriots head coach clearly was not interested in attempting to explain one of the worst onside kicks of all time.