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Paul George fails to recognize Baker Mayfield in awkward exchange after game

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield incorrectly assumed that Paul George would recognize him after Thursday night’s Thunder-Clippers game was in the books, which led to an awkward exchange between the two athletes.

Mayfield has remained in the Los Angeles area following the Sooners’ loss to the Georgia Bulldogs in the Rose Bowl on Monday, as he was seen pounding beers courtside at Tuesday’s Grizzlies-Clippers game. He apparently hit up Thursday night’s game at Staples Center as well, and watched the Thunder and Clippers square off on the court.

The Heisman Trophy winner approached George on the court after the game was over, looking for a handshake and a few words. He got the handshake, but a disinterested George didn’t even really look at him, and then proceeded to walk away — clearly unaware of who Mayfield was.

George, to his credit, apologized to Mayfield for not recognizing him on Twitter shortly after the awkward moment took place.

Perhaps Mayfield should’ve worn a name tag before approaching George to properly identify himself.