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Photo of Bryce Harper’s entire back covered in suction cups goes viral

Nationals slugger Bryce Harper appears to be taking his offseason training regimen very seriously.

Harper posted a photo on Wednesday to his Snapchat account, and it’s generated quite a bit of reaction on social media. In it, Harper is seen laying face down, with his entire back covered in suction cups.

It’s not the first time Harper has undergone cupping therapy. He used cupping to help him recover from a shoulder injury and neck stiffness back in 2016, so the Nationals slugger must have been happy with the results.

Cupping therapy, a form of alternative medicine, seems to be becoming more popular, especially among athletes. Michael Phelps was seen sporting cupping bruises before a race in the 2016 Olympics, and other swimmers have shared photos on social media showing them receiving the therapy.

Harper isn’t the first athlete to undergo cupping therapy, but, just like most other things he does, the Nationals slugger went above and beyond, with over 40 cups spanning across his entire back.