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This porta potty challenge is the worst trend among Millennials (VIDEO)

Social media has given birth to some disgusting, frivolous and laughable trends, but this one that’s beginning to become popular really takes the cake.

We present the porta potty challenge — the dumbest and grossest thing you’ll see today. Generally, these portable restrooms are for doing your business in. And sometimes, the business may wind up on the toilet seat, the walls, the floor, etc. We’ve all seen it.

So we have to wonder why anyone would want to participate in this challenge — which includes packing as many people into a porta potty as possible. You can watch a video clip below which shows the action taking place, in which nearly 40 people pack themselves into a mobile bathroom.

What is wrong with Millennials? This is the grossest rendition of a “clown car” that you’ll ever see.