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Raiders’ new proposed parking plan would force fans to park miles from Las Vegas stadium

Raiders fans are excited about the team’s potential move to Las Vegas, but they’re not all that thrilled about the new proposed parking situation.

The Las Vegas Sun reported that the proposed stadium site for the team’s new stadium will allow for only 2,400 parking spaces, and that a secondary parking area or two will need to be utilized. With a capacity of over 65,00, obviously, more parking would be needed.

To rectify the issue, the Raiders are toying with the idea of using UNLV’s campus — where there are 80 acres of space — for fans to park.

The problem is that the proposed parking area would be roughly three miles from the stadium, so satellite buses or other methods of transportation would need to be used, and that becomes a bit of a pain. The Las Vegas location would be geared toward attracting out-of-town fans as is, so adding this curve ball would just add another element to the travel dilemma.

To help sweeten the pot for UNLV, the Raiders proposed footing the bill for the playing surface — either grass of turf — which will be of the university’s choosing, according to the official document for the proposed plan. That seems like a pretty sweet deal for them, and would likely be too much to pass on.

But how will fans feel about the added distance from the stadium to the parking area? Three miles is a bit of a hike.