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Rally Cat crawls on top of Marlins’ home run sculpture, interrupts game (Video)

You never know what will happen in Miami, as it’s a city that features a lot of unpredictable moments.

That was the case on Monday, when a cat randomly made its way onto the field at Marlins Park, and was actually trapped there for ahwile.

The kitten wound up in center field, and tried to climb under the wall to get away from the action. What that didn’t work, the little fella jumped up to scale the wall and climbed up it. The kitten then hopped up into the home run sculpture, and just decided to hang out there.

The powers that be at Marlins Park even made the decision to turn off the sculpture, just to make sure the cat wasn’t harmed. They should do that every game, because the sculpture is an abomination, and most fans hate it.

Eventually, the game resumed, and the cat eventually disappeared into the night air, which is what cats usually do.

The kitten even got its own hashtag, so check out #RallyCat and join the conversation!