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Ramon Foster says he hopes Ben Roethlisberger plays at least two more years

The Steelers will never own this era the way they owned the 1970s. They’ve won two Super Bowls since the turn of the century. The Patriots have won five.

Ben Roethlisberger’s retirement talk seems to put a cap on the Steelers’ Super Bowl window. If everything breaks right in 2017 and Roethlisberger wins his third Super Bowl, it might be enough for him to ride into the sunset.

Steelers guard Ramon Foster, however, suggested that Roethlisberger still has enough football in him to increase his historical footprint. Foster joined the Steelers in 2009 and is the longest-tenured member of the team’s offensive line.

“He’s one of those guys who keeps a competitive edge. Whether he’s shooting hoops into the garbage can in the locker room or playing pool or ping pong man, the competitive edge is in him,” Foster said on the NFL Network. “I think, for him, to be able to win another Super Bowl on the team we have which is capable of doing it and going down in history as one of the best — this year at least and possibly next year you know, he’s going to be a guy that hopefully sticks around.”

A third Super Bowl win would be a big leap for Roethlisberger’s legacy. He’d be one of five quarterbacks who have won three or more Super Bowls, joining Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana and Tom Brady.

A fourth Super Bowl ring would tie Bradshaw and it could provide some payback for Bradshaw’s past criticism of Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin.

Getting past the Patriots to win just one more Super Bowl already is asking a lot, and Foster is hoping that Roethlisberger gives himself at least two more years to do it.