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Ranking the Patriots’ 20 free agents: Who is most important to retain?

The New England Patriots may have recently pulled off the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, but they’re not an organization that lives in the moment and is overly satisfied after just one major achievement.

Bill Belichick and Co. are already looking forward to free agency and the draft, and that’s one of the reasons they’ve been so successful over the past decade-and-a-half.

With the free-agent market set to open in a few weeks, who should the team look to re-sign? LeGarrette Blount led the team in rushing touchdowns with 18, while no other running backs recorded a single one. And both Logan Ryan and Malcolm Butler are impending free agents, so the team’s pass defense could take a hit going forward.

Many agree that Dont’a Hightower will get the franchise tag, but that remains to be seen. There are 16 other free agents to talk about as well, but unfortunately, with the salary cap, the team can only sign so many.

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