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Ravens want NFL to award a point for a kickoff through the uprights

The Baltimore Ravens have an interesting idea—a kickoff that goes through the uprights about 75 yards away should count as a point.

Why not? The NFL has never had something like this in its history, but it’s a fun proposed element that would make the game safer. Ravens coach John Harbaugh and kicker Justin Tucker talked about it on the Dan Patrick Show. Pro Football Talk’s Michael David Smith caught Tucker’s feelings on the matter:

A kicker with a strong leg would be in favor of it. The idea would be that if you split the uprights on a kickoff you get a point. Maybe one out of every five if the weather’s alright and the field is good.

Of course, Tucker has one of the strongest legs in the league, so he is bound to benefit from the rule.

Even so, Tucker wouldn’t be alone in his success in this area. No kicker can hit a 75-yard field goal, but kickoffs are a different beast. Maybe weather and wind conditions allow an element of luck to slip into the equation, but those factors impact all kicks.

If the NFL wants the game to be safer, especially on kickoffs, this might make for an interesting solution. It changes late-game strategy and kickers instructed to keep the ball out of the end zone to force a return might gun for the point instead. If a kicker is consistent, it might encourage offenses to go for two more often, too.

Alas, this has a long way to go before it ever becomes a rule. It would forever change the league, so while it’s fun to think about, don’t expect much in the way of traction, too.