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Rays fan confuses Tigers outfielders by yelling ‘I got it!’ (VIDEO)

One particular Rays fan came up with an effective way to throw off the Tigers outfielders during a recent game.

The Rays won a close one on Wednesday, with an 8-7 win in walkoff fashion, which is why every run was of vital importance.

So when the fan confused the Tigers outfielders not once, but twice — allowing bloop singles to fall in for hits — we can almost label him as the “12th man.”

The video claims they “lost the ball in the roof.” That happened because of the fan throwing them off. Manager Brad Ausmus explained what happened to MLive.com.

“Unfortunately, the source of confusion was coming from the stands,” said Tigers manager Brad Ausmus. “Someone in the stands was yelling, ‘I got it!’ That’s why Kinsler went out acting like he had it and then he heard someone say, ‘I got it!’ so he backed off.

“We had to change our signals. It was the Rays’ fans causing confusion.”

That fan was a jerk for what he did, but the Tigers will have to learn from it and move on.