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Redskins fan gets anti-Patriots tattoo—on his backside

The Washington Redskins and New England Patriots aren’t linkedin any wayand they’re certainly not rivals. In fact, the closest trait they share is that they’re both located on the East Coast.

But don’t tell that to one particular Redskins fan, who clearly does not like the Patriots, and is passionate about it.

Instagram user “OrraziB_,” who identifies as a Redskins fan and lives in Connecticut, recently got a tattoo and posted a video of it on IG. You have to see it to believe it. It’s a tattoo that resembles a scoreboard, and shows the Falcons holding a 28-3 lead against the Patriots in the third quarter of the Super Bowl. Also, it was tagged with #assterick, because the guy got the tattoo on his butt.

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The Falcons didn’t win the game, bro. Get over it.

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