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Reporter asks LiAngelo Ball on a date during press conference

The Ball family has received quite the welcome since the moment they touched down in Lithuania on Wednesday. They were swarmed by media members while live music played in the airport, and the action didn’t subside on Friday, either, when LiAngelo and LaMelo spoke at their introductory press conference.

The two Ball brothers practiced with their new team, BC Prienu Vytautas, for the first time on Friday, and also spoke to the media as well.

A funny moment took place during the press conference, when a Lithuanian reporter who works for LNK TV’s KK2, Evelina Pavliukovic, asked LiAngelo a question he clearly wasn’t expecting. Pavliukovic told Ball that she liked him, and then asked him out on a date. When Ball failed to respond, Pavliukovic asked if he had a girlfriend. Ball then provided an answer that even Bill Belichick himself would likely appreciate, to put an end to the awkward situation.

“I’m just here to play,” Ball said.

Here’s a photo of Pavliukovic, courtesy of ESPN’s Jeff Goodman.

If these last few days are any indication of what will take place when the two Ball brothers hit the court for their first game, that event figures to provide some entertaining moments, to say the least.