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Ric Flair throws name in the hat for Tennessee head coaching position

The Tennessee football program is in complete and utter disarray right now, as the university hasn’t even been able to hire a capable head coach to lead the team. Greg Schiano appeared to be offered the job, and it looked as if he would be that guy, but protests from fans led both him and the university to change their mind, which was probably for the best.

Tennessee did manage to appoint Phillip Fulmer to serve as athletic director on Friday, but some view that as a lateral move. Fulmer has a long history with the university, serving as a position coach from 1980-92, and head coach from 1992-2008. He hasn’t done anything football-related since, however, and some question if the game has passed him by. That remains to be seen.

What we do know is that a famous celebrity is interested in coaching the team, and now that this person is retired, he has the time to hold down the job.

WWE legend Ric Flair took to Twitter on Friday and threw his name in the hat for either the head coaching or athletic director position — the latter of which has since been filled.

There you have it, Tennessee fans, your savior has arrived. Woo!