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Rich Eisen gives headset to Bill Belichick on-air at Scouting Combine to share funny story (VIDEO)

It’s not often that you see Bill Belichick in the TV booth, and even less common that he does so with a smile.

That’s what happened at the Scouting Combine on Sunday, though, when NFL Network’s Rich Eisen passed the headset over to Belichick so he could chat with former Patriots linebacker Willie McGinest. The two — who clearly still have a great deal of respect for one another/some sort of a bromance going on — then proceeded to recant some great memories about big games they played in at Lucas Oil Stadium against the Colts.

Belichick talked about two key plays that McGinest made in back-to-back years to help defeat the Colts, and the former linebacker then joked that those stories don’t go over well in Indy. Belichick said he knows all about that, having had Colts fans shout profanities as well as throw stuff at him.


Notice that neither Eisen nor Mike Mayock elected to ask for any of Belichick’s thoughts about the Scouting Combine participants. They both know that he’s not giving away any information on-air.