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Richard Sherman admits he called out Russell Wilson after practice INT

There was a lot of backlash from Seahawks players toward ESPN’s Seth Wickersham for his critically-acclaimed piece that chronicles the past few seasons in Seattle, specifically the turbulent moments that we were previously unaware of.

One of the focal points of the article includes Richard Sherman once calling out Russell Wilson in the middle of practice after he picked off a pass. Apparently, Sherm even yelled “You f—ing suck!” at Wilson, which nearly sparked a brawl.

Up until this point, Sherman has been quiet about it. But he’s now come out and admitted that it did, indeed, happen, during a recent appearance on SportsCenter Sunday Conversation. He did, however, attempt to downplay what he said by saying that he’s yelled worse at other teammates.

“That’s 100% true, and I’ve said worse,” Sherman said. “I’ve said worse to Doug [Baldwin], I’ve said worse to Kearse. Iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another. … I’m sorry that our competition, that the way we sharpen our iron, isn’t pretty and cordial. I’m sure if you went to see bad teams, they probably get along great, probably slapping high fives, but then you go 4-12.”

It’s interesting that he made it a point to say “iron sharpens iron,” since that type of mentality is part of what has made the team great. They hold each other accountable, and aren’t afraid to call each other out if it helps the team improve.