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Richard Sherman calls out Seahawks fans for wavering support

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been sidelined with a season-ending Achilles injury he suffered in Week 10, but that didn’t stop him from live-tweeting Sunday’s game against the Cowboys.

Sherman fired off a number of tweets during the game, and was extremely supportive of his team in doing so. The Cowboys eventually emerged victorious from AT&T Stadium with a 21-12 victory, and Sherman was excited about the big win. Here’s what he had to say afterward.

But Sherman didn’t stop there. He addressed Seahawks fans in another tweet he posted just four minutes after the one shown above, but this one did not have a positive message. He called out fans for their wavering support toward coaches and players, while also adding that they should be grateful to have a winning team to root for.

Sherman then also made sure to clarify that he wasn’t referring to all Seahawks fans in the above tweet.

The 12s are known to be among the most loyal and supportive fan bases, so Sherman clearly wasn’t talking about them. But he apparently wasn’t happy with a number of fans for quitting on the team, and he made sure to let them know about it.