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Rob Gronkowski apologizes for cheap shot on Bills CB (VIDEO)

Rob Gronkowski was the subject of much criticism after he was seen putting a late hit on Tre’Davious White during Sunday’s game.

It happened when White had just intercepted a pass, and was on the ground at the time. Gronk then came flying in late with an elbow to the back of the Bills cornerback’s helmet. He was penalized for the late hit, but was not ejected from the game.

Gronk spoke to reporters after the AFC East matchup and apologized to White, saying that he was frustrated and his emotions were running high at the time. The Patriots tight end was then asked about why he was upset, and he responded by ripping the officials. Gronkowski said that some of the non-calls during the game were “crazy,” as he felt the Bills defenders had been getting away with contact against him.

To his credit, Gronk does seem to be remorseful over his hit on White. As far as the officials go, however, he doesn’t seem to be happy with how they called the game.